Overcoming The Myth of Self-Worth:
Reason and Fallacy in What You Say to Yourself
by Richard L. Franklin
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"Enlightenment through

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What if there were no such thing as self-worth? You could never again believe you were unworthy. You would never again feel the need to always perform well. And, not least, you would be freed of any anxiety over the possible disapproval of others. This book offers clear guidance on how you can achieve that kind of emotional freedom.

This is the official site offering this fresh-off-the press enhanced edition of the classic "Overcoming the Myth of Self-Worth: Reason and Fallacy in What you Say to Yourself". The huge popularity of this book and the mythology that it addresses has been demonstrated by the fact that like-new used copies of it have been selling across the nation for as much as $200! Such imminent thinkers as Carl Sagan, Albert Ellis, and the British philosopher Antony Flew have admired this book.
In fact, Ellis wrote the introduction, and Carl Sagan based a chapter of his last book on a chapter of this one. It was an Amazon best seller when sold in conjunction with Carl Sagan's last book.

Many readers have confessed they keep this book at their bedside and read from it almost every night. Typical readers confess to reading the book a second time immediately after the first reading. In its first year, this book was used in some think tanks. While having an extremely serious mission, this book also entertains with true stories and cartoons. Internet ratings of this book in the past have averaged a solid four stars.

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